Don't Let Your Family History Fade Away...

Turn Your Family’s Memories into a Legacy that Lasts

Take the precious memories hidden inside fading old Polish memoirs and diaries and turn them into English ebooks and books your family can hold in their hands for generations to come.

"It seems like yesterday when I asked my dad to write his memories for his little American granddaughters. I am so glad he did, and I am so glad you made it possible for my American girls to get exactly what he meant and what he lived through - in his own words. You captured his style and character so well. Again, thank you!!!"- Zofia K.

Discover the Power of Translation

Why Translate Old Stories?

People in many families often write memoirs, letters and diaries hoping that their descendants read them and learn about their lives. But families migrate and old paper doesn't travel well. Now in the digital age, it's time to get them expertly translated from Polish into English and put into new forms so that your family can enjoy and learn from them for generations.Imagine your children reading their great-grandparents' stories.

Keep Family History Alive

Make sure your family's story stays important. With my help, you can make sure that your Polish heritage is remembered and loved by the people who come after you.

Connect Across Generations

Bring your family's past into the present. Help you and your family feel closer to the people who came before you and share their stories with pride.

Learn Insights from the Past

Discover the successes and struggles of your ancestors. Let your family get a real understanding of what they went through and how they saw the world.

Why Choose Me?

"You have done an excellent job, and everyone of my English speaking friends who read my Dad's memoir said so. We are forever grateful for having this part of our family history accessible to our children and their friends, and all of our family friends told, spoken in my dad's words and carried beyond the language barriers. You were very easy and pleasant to work with too, so overall this was a great experience for me."- Zofia K.

Hi, I'm Adam

Drawing on my extensive experience translating two memoirs and ongoing work on my father's autobiography, I offer more than just a service – I offer a passion for preserving your family's heritage.

Unique Experience

With my many years in the Polish culture sector and firsthand experience translating memoirs, I possess the expertise needed to handle your project with care and precision.

Personalised Service

Every family's history is unique, and I'm committed to tailoring my services to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Publication Assistance

In addition to translation, I can help you publish your family's stories on Amazon KDP as self-published print-on-demand books or ebooks, ensuring their preservation for years to come.

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Take the first step towards preserving your family's legacy

Contact me now to get free expert advice. You can ask me anything about how to translate and publish the memoirs, letters and diaries of your Polish ancestors. We can also see if the project would be a good fit for me to work on with you. But whatever you decide, I'm happy to share my expertise with you during our consultation.Your family's history is a precious gift waiting to be shared.

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